Show your support through Giving

Evergreen gives you the ability to make regularly scheduled offerings or one-time gifts through our online donation service. You have the choice to have this offering withdrawn from your checking account, savings account, or a credit card. This secure service is provided with reasonable processing fees that Evergreen pays and is fully tax deductible. 100% of your donation goes toward educating Evergreen’s children.

Show your support by Attending
Attend one of the many events that are held on campus throughout the year. Whether it’s a concert, play, the annual Auction, veteran’s day or a game. Your presence at any event is greatly appreciated by the students, faculty & staff, and board of directors. Watch the calendar for the next event.

Show your support by Volunteering
Many hands make light work. Events and programs at ELHS run smoothly with volunteer power. There are many ways to volunteer your time.

What an opportunity we have to support and encourage teens in the PNW through Christian education. By God’s grace and your help, many wonderful things happen at Evergreen! If you have questions about how you can support ELHS please contact our Director of Mission Advancement, Mr. Ryan Schmeling at 715-220-1442, or rschmeling@elhs.org.


Mr. Ryan Schmeling

Director of Mission Advancement






Jennifer Rodmyre

Mission Advancement Assistant