Drama Department

Drama at ELHS offers students the chance to perform in plays and musicals on stage. Plays, children’s theater, and musicals are offered on a rotating basis with one to two productions staged each year. Stage roles are awarded by audition. Students can get involved with set construction, make-up, costuming, sound, lighting, and musician roles.


Evergreen Lutheran High School Theatre 2022-2023:

Don and Wally

(A Comedy of an Accidental Visit)

Don and Wally, two low-level scouts of the Willandian spy service, are sent on a routine mission to a nearby moon. Through bad luck and very bad navigating, they wander way off course and touch down several galaxies away on planet Earth. Instead of landing on the desert moon and morphing into nomads, they crash-land in New Jersey and morph into 4th graders who are forced to go to school.

February 17th   7:00pm

Dessert Performance

Tickets: $10


Online Tickets are CLOSED


Limited overflow tickets available at door


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