International Club | Essen! 吃! Manĝi! 먹다! есть!
International Food Day was February 27th here at ELHS. We had students and Faculty bring in homemade foods representing various countries for our student body to try and judge. From German potato salad to sushi, there was no shortage of diversity for the taste buds. The students really enjoy making and eating these dishes. The best part is the strange faces students make when trying something for the first time… and then the smile when they realize how good it is! International Food Day is an annual tradition at ELHS aimed at highlighting our ancestral roots and strengthening the bonds between our local and International students.


AV Club
Everyday you see those cute videos on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram showing cute kittens and people falling down. If you follow ELHS on Facebook you’ll see videos of our sports teams, daily life at school, and informational videos on policies and the student handbook. Our Audio-Visual Club creates these videos! They are learning how to edit, format, and piece together videos and pictures while also providing a fun outlet for our Evergreen community to see our students in action. Be sure to follow the Facebook page for the latest video and go watch all of the AV Club videos on YouTube.


Robotics Club
What do a cog, a metal arm, a rubber wheel and a remote control have in common? These items are all in use by our ELHS Robotics Club. The club, in its initial year, is working on building STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) skills by building robots. They use various materials under the guidance of Mr. Lund to create small working creations that can pick up pencils, and motor around a table.



Debate club
If you were to walk down the North hall at ELHS, you might hear words like extension, motion, opposition, proposal and counter prop. These are the terms used by the Debate Club when they are setting up the foundations of an argument. Mr. Bunkowske leads the Debate Club as they tackle both sides of tough questions like Does social media make you lonely? and Should plastic straws be outlawed?. The Debate Club is an excellent outlet for students to learn about speaking in public, using facts and opinions appropriately in a discussion, and understanding that a discussion or argument is a meaningful way to communicate in society today.