Evergreen uses TADS to manage our admissions, financial aid and tuition management. Please follow the simple steps to enrollment below. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 253-946-4488. We would be glad to help you!


New Students Steps to Enrollment

  1. To apply, click the Admissions & Enrollment button and complete the online application.
  2. Print the additional required documents (Physical Form, Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Concussion Awareness Form, Immunization Record)
  3. Fill out the documents from #2 and send to or return the hard copies to the Evergreen office.
  4. If you would like to apply for Financial Aid, click the Financial Aid Application button below.
  5. Once your admissions application has been reviewed by the Admission staff, you will receive an acceptance email with instructions to complete Enrollment through your TADS account.
  6. Once your Enrollment is complete on TADS, you will receive an email with your Tuition Agreement and/or further instructions.

Click here to apply at http://www.tads.comClick here to apply at


Returning Students

Click here to apply at


Interested in attending ELHS?

If you have questions, please contact Principal David Habeck at 253-946-4488 or