Every student at Evergreen Lutheran High School has been uniquely blessed with gifts that God desires to be used to serve Him and others in His kingdom.  Students are able to identify God’s plan of service for their adult life as they recognize and nurture their God-given talents and abilities.  

It is our goal to help students discover the plans God has for them after their time at Evergreen.  These plans might include higher education in bachelor’s and associate degree programs, technical training, ministry, the military, or the workplace, all according to the gifts God has given our students.

Our Guidance Counselor meets with every underclassman, yearly, to review academic progress, plan future academic coursework, and begin researching the various options after high school.  Our Counselor guides upperclassmen and parents through the steps of preparing for the ACT, researching post-secondary options, and registering for college.  A summary of all student visits to the Guidance counselor is shared over email with parents and cooperative dialogue about future plans for students is always welcome.

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