Environmental Classroom

Did you know the Evergreen campus has a creek? And a marsh?  

Swan Creek runs along the west edge of campus and the creek opens into a marsh in the south west corner. The entrance to this area is behind our gymnasium, so maybe you have not noticed it.  We are privileged to have this wetland on campus. It is a protected nature area that allows us to show good stewardship of the gifts we’ve been given, and our students have the opportunity to study God’s creation first hand.  

Our Biology students use the wetland area throughout the year for species identification, using their knowledge to determine specific types of grass, insects and small amphibians.  Students will also work on water quality measurements using Swan Creek as the local source for temperature monitoring, measuring pH levels, oxygen and salinity.  

Evergreen students take pride in the wetlands and each year on Arbor Day the whole school works on maintaining the walking trail through the wetlands, trimming invasive species, and removing any trash or debris that has accumulated.  

It is our goal at Evergreen to continue to grow our environmental education offerings. We see the earth as a gift from God, and we want our students to not only appreciate what they have been given, but also learn the skills to help lessen human impact and make positive changes.  


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