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Christ-centered. Growth-minded.




12 to 1

Student to Teacher Ratio

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Christian Foundation

At Evergreen Lutheran High School…

Sharing Jesus through excellence in Christian Education. 


That young people may realize their God-given potential, Evergreen Lutheran High School values: 

  • Spiritually mature hearts through the study of God’s Word 

  • Christian life and service through Christian education 

  • Communicating with and supporting families

  • A welcoming, safe, and functional learning environment 

  • An engaged association

  • An outreach and evangelism focus

  • A pursuit of excellence

All students thrive in Christian love through our Christ-Focused Culture


  • The Word is treasured (Psalm 19:9-10).
  • The Word is lived.
  • Law and Gospel are properly divided and applied in everything.
  • Relationships are agape-love motivated ones.
  • There is an encouraging environment.
  • Spoken and written words are “captive to Christ” (2 Cor 10:5)
  • There is an appearance that reflects thankfulness for what Christ has done.
  • All instruction integrates the Word of God.
  • Christ is shared; there is a mission mindset.

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Evergreen Lutheran High School

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Evergreen Lutheran High School is committed to offering a quality, Christ-centered education which prepares God's children to serve him now, and forever.