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Supporting God's Children at ELHS

What an opportunity we all have to support and encourage Christian education. Through God's grace and your help, many wonderful things happen at Evergreen!

Evergreen gives you the ability to make regularly scheduled regular offerings or one time gifts to Evergreen through our online donation service. You have the choice to have this offering withdrawn from your checking account, savings account, or a credit card. This secure service is provided with reasonable processing fees that Evergreen pays, and is fully tax deductible. 100% of your donation goes toward educating Evergreen's children.

More than ever, we need your assistance in supporting Evergreen. Please take two minutes and set up a regular offering to Evergreen, or a one-time donation.

Evergreen provides many ways for you support our mission of providing a "quality, Christ-centered education."

Donation Options:


This is a weekly recurring giving opportunity.  It is designed as a $10 a week for 52 weeks, but that $10 could be $5 or could be $100.  This is one of our best participated in programs.  It allows for all giving levels to be part of supporting Evergreen and Christian Education.   If you are not part of this program, please consider joining the 10/52 program, giving $10 a week.  It truly goes a long way. You can setup your recurring gift by clicking the link below or calling our Mission Advancement office at 253.946.4488.

General Fund

This is our general operating budget fund.  Not all of our general budgeted categories are fully funded through tuition.  There is a need to still have donations given into the general fund to make sure payroll and other bills are paid on time.  

Facilities Fund (Capital Campaign)

This facilities fund is the old Capital Campaign.  As we do already possess the building, there is still much maintenance and need for funding in this area in the years to come.  Things that would-be part of this fund would be (HVAC units, roof updates, lighting and electrical, etc.) 

Tuition Assistance

Every year we issue over $100,000 in needs-based tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is funded by your contributions. If donation amounts are not met, typically the general budget makes up the difference. We are currently working on a funding plan to alleviate this stressor to our general budget and fully fund Tuition Assistance through grants and your continued support. 

40th Anniversary Debt Elimination

Our goal for this year is to have all exceeding donations beyond general budget and tuition assistance to go towards eliminating our debt.  As this is our 40th anniversary, we recognize the wonderful blessings God has given to us over these 40 years and pray he continues to bless our school so we can be a blessing to more students. 



Through different donations, people can either contribute to our endowment fund, or depending on the size of the donation we can create other annual gift to support scholarships for Tuition Assistance or project activities. 


As God calls people to his side, memorials are an opportunity to give a donation in remembrance of someone. 


How to donate:  

  • Donation envelopes sent out in our newsletters and mailing, or available in your WELS/ELS congregations. 

  • Through our Square that allows us to take credit card donations in person. 

  • Follow the below link to give via a credit card or bank account.  

  • Mail in or drop off checks without our donation envelopes to… 

                          Evergreen Lutheran High School 

                          7306 Waller Road E 

                          Tacoma, WA 98443 

Contact the Mission Advancement Office and talk to:
Ryan Schmeling (Director of Mission Advancement)
Ryan Schmeling Cell: 715-220-1442, rschmeling@elhs.org 

Ryan Bishop (Mission Advancement Assistant): rbishop@elhs.org or



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