ELHS Activities Policy 2018-19

Due to many different factors, the official ELHS Boosters Program is ceasing to exist this coming school year. These are measures to implement, immediately, in attempt to avoid an additional activity fee for our ELHS families. 


  • Led by Matt Henning and My 4 Sons BBQ
  • There will be at least 1 My 4 Sons Employee in the canteen at all times, but the student-athletes are going to be the main workers.
  • Each student-athlete (or students that participate in band or choral festivals) must complete 2 hours in the canteen per activity that they participate in. Students can complete these hours in 1-hour shifts.  
  • Opportunities to work in the canteen include:
    • Home Volleyball Games
    • Home Football Games at Franklin Pierce
    • Home Basketball Games
    • Hosted Volleyball or Basketball Tournaments at ELHS
    • Junior Eagle Classic
    • Track Meets at Franklin Pierce
    • Home Baseball and Softball Games

Volunteer at Century Link Field by Parents AND Students (over 16 years of age)

  • There will be 5-7 dates throughout the year for parents of student athletes or parents of students involved in band or choral festivals to volunteer their time at Century Link running a concession stand. The dates to choose from will be out very soon.
  • Parents AND Students are expected to participate in AT LEAST one of the set dates. Families with multiple students or multiple activity students are expected to participate in more than one of the dates. (i.e. a student that participates in one sport fulfills their requirements by volunteering at Century Link with at least 1 parent 1 time)
  • If a family has multiple students participating in multiple activities the cap will be 3 volunteer events. If families have 2 parents/guardians volunteering together at one event it does count for 2 events for their student’s participation in 2 sports.
  • Students would be expected to do the canteen hours in addition to volunteering at Century Link.
  • Volunteers must be 16 years or older and have a Washington State Food Handlers Permit and a MAST 12 mixologist permit. This takes 2-3 total hours and can be completed on a computer whenever you’d like, before the event. The cost is about $20, but you will be reimbursed by ELHS after completing your volunteer time at Century Link. You can learn more about these permits and take the exams here:
  • A bus or shuttle will leave from ELHS to go to the stadium, you would not have to drive yourself. There will be one stop at Holy Trinity on the way. Individuals may drive themselves if they wish.
  • We will only be using Century Link because their returns and payments are the highest.
  • The funds earned support co-curriculars, not just athletics.
  • The administration (athletic director, principal, and the board chairman) will be responsible for deciding where the funds will be distributed.

Groups that can make requests from these funds will be any athletic team or co-curricular group, such as drama, clubs, and choral and band festival participants.

If you are not interested in volunteering at Century Link for any reason, you may pay $150 (per activity; max of $450) instead of volunteering your time.  Students are required to complete volunteer hours in the Canteen, regardless.

If you sign up for a shift and do not show up without any warning, you will be charged $150. 

We are seeking a couple parents who would be willing to keep track and follow up on the student/parent volunteering at Century Link. Please contact Phil Bunkowske (pbunkowske@elhs.org) if you are interested in helping out in this position. If you have any questions at all you can also direct them to Phil Bunkowske, the new Athletic Director.